Whether you are hiring a wedding coordinator or not I’ve put together some great things to keep in mind to make sure your wedding day timeline flows smoothly.

  1. Hair and Makeup is the #1 place where a wedding day timeline goes awry.

Limit the time allotted for this to three hours. Make sure your vendors are aware of your timeline so that they can plan to bring enough help to get everyone ready within the timeframe. Too much longer and your girls are going to start getting bored!

  1. Bride gets ready last.

You want your hair and makeup to stay as fresh as possible so that it lasts all night. It’s YOUR big day. 

  1. Bridesmaids should be dressed and ready at least 30 minutes before the bride. Mother of the bride, an hour!

Your mom needs to be dressed an hour before you are set to get ready because your photographer [and YOU] will want pictures of her helping you put your dress on. As well as a reaction from your bridesmaids when they see you!

  1. Make sure to plan time to eat!

That means breakfast, snacks, lunch AND make sure you are served dinner first so you can mingle with guests while they are eating! But you want to make sure you keep eating because alcohol is inevitable and no one wants a sloppy bride.

  1. Use the time you hire your photographer for wisely.

They DON’T need to be there for all of hair and makeup. Have your photographer plan to arrive during the last hour of hair and makeup so they can get familiar with the space and get some shots of the finishing touches.  Are you trying to save money by hiring a photographer for a shorter number of hours? Schedule your photographed exit earlier in the night then let the dancing continue. Let the photographer leave before all of your guests have too many drinks. Those pictures are never flattering anyways 😉

6. To do a first look or not?

This is a personal choice for most. But if your ceremony is in the late afternoon or night time I think it’s a must. Also doing full bridal party shots and family portraits before the ceremony, if it’s at night, gives you better lighting and more time. There’s no need to cram everything into a couple hours if your ceremony isn’t until later in the day. Spread it out, give yourself time to enjoy every part of the process!

  1. Create a shot list for your photographer.

This list will include the names of the people you want included in different shots  and any ideas you may have. Make sure to include exact names so people can be easily found. These are once in a lifetime photos and you don’t want to miss out on anything. Also, the hustle and bustle of wedding day is REAL and pictures can get hectic quick if it’s hard to find people! It will help to be prepared so you get the pictures you wanted and keep the time down. If the photos aren’t on the list there’s a good chance they won’t get taken.

  1. Plan time for golden hour couple portraits in the midst of the reception.

It’s one of the few moments on your wedding day you get to spend alone with your husband. And the pictures are worth it.

9.Order of events for the reception

Keeping the day flowing and having guest engagement in the ceremony is the best way to keep your guests at the wedding for longer. But don’t worry if things get off track, at this point everyone is enjoying themselves and won’t notice if the cake is served a few minutes off schedule.

  1. Hire a coordinator and to keep everything on track.

The last thing you want to be doing on your big day is telling vendors what to do and watching the clock. That’s what I’m here for, keeping everything on track, coordinating vendors, and dealing with the inevitable stresses of the day so you don’t have to.

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