I met Tiernae , a wonderful photographer, at the Provider in Indy and if you haven’t been. You need to go. Every corner is insta-worthy and so are the drinks.

Our meeting felt more like hanging out with an old friend and I couldn’t express how important I think that quality is when searching for someone to photograph your wedding day. Comfort with your vendors is everything- especially your photographer- because it will show!

Here’s a little bit from Tiernae herself on how she got started as a photographer and her pictures after, to do the talking for them-selves.

“My parents gave me my first camera when I was five. It was plastic, bright yellow, and held 35mm film inside. My first ever roll of film was all taken of water fountains in Texas and I am nearly certain that none of the film even turned out. Years later, I took a film photography class in high school. The science and magic of it all completely fascinated me. Being able to put a piece of seemingly blank photo paper into developing liquid and watch an image appear seriously felt like some Harry Potter magic in real life.

All through out college I studied Fine Art, knowing that photography was my main goal, even though I dabbled in a bit of everything. I always stated that I wanted to “Travel the world and take photographs”, though I was not sure how to accomplish that exactly. It wasn’t until I started assisting a wedding photographer that I realized how much importance there is in photographing the smaller pieces of life, perhaps not smaller… maybe just closer to home. Being able to be present on such an important day in someone’s life was and is an incredible thing of which to be a part. So I continued to travel and explore on my own time, but I also continued to fall in love with the Midwest, with weddings, and with the joy of sharing incredibly special moments with other humans. “

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