Weddings are huge life events that for some reason most people think they can pull off without any professional help. I actually had someone come up to me recently and say, “We aren’t hiring a planner for our wedding. Do you have any tips for me or any vendors that you recommend?” Yes, yes I do. I RECOMMEND YOU HIRE A COORDINATOR.

Even if you are the most organized, DIY person out there – who wants to be working on their wedding day?? As someone who has worked in events (ranging from large to small) for over 5 years now I know how much detail and planning goes into even the smallest events but also how much work there is to be done ‘day-of.’ Which is where the coordinator comes in. I know, on my wedding day, the only work I will want to be doing – is lifting a champagne glass.

What type of planner do I choose?

If you want to be the one picking and choosing your vendors but actually want to enjoy your wedding day – a ‘day-of’ coordinator is what you are looking for. My ‘day-of’ coordination package starts 6 weeks prior to your wedding date so I can be the one coordinating with vendors according to the timeline we have prepared together, rather than the bride or groom taking on any of that stress.

I do not recommend a ‘day-of’ coordinator that only meets you and your wedding plan on wedding day because it will be too hard to fill someone in on everything and have it running smoothly without some preparation beforehand (and this will include work for you on wedding day).

If you want someone to help you through the entire process of choosing and booking vendors, a full-service wedding planner is what you are looking for. This person would be with you from the beginning planning stages up until wedding day helping with everything you can think of in-between.

Why you need a Wedding Coordinator

  1. You/your mom/sister/husband don’t want to be working on your wedding day.
    • Even if you/your mom/sister/husband have put in a lot of time planning your wedding day with you, you should all get the chance to enjoy this day.
  1. You don’t want to risk being unhappy with any of those people on wedding day; it’s not worth it.
    • I actually had a girl tell me recently that she wished that she met me sooner because her mom/sister helped her on her wedding day. She said they were bickering with each other all day long and she wishes she didn’t have those memories of that day and wished they could have enjoyed it together.
  1. Creating a wedding timeline should be left to a professional.
    • You’re thinking…how hard can this really be? You’ve created timelines for work meetings and events so this can’t be much different. But let me tell you from experience, that a wedding day timeline is different from all the rest. Do you know which tasks need extra time built in to make sure at the end of the day you’re staying on track? Do you know how much time taking pictures actually takes? Let someone who has the answers to all those questions create your timeline so the day doesn’t go awry.
  1. Who wants to clean up after a night of celebrating?
    • No one. That’s why I start subtly cleaning up before the night is even over so that I can finish up before your rental of the building is over that night. And no one has to lift a finger!
  1. For most of you this will be your first wedding. Let someone with experience guide the day and things are way more likely to be on schedule and running smoothly.
    • I feel like this one doesn’t need much explanation. You only get one wedding (fingers crossed) and even the smallest weddings need guidance. You paid a bunch of money for appetizers that your guests get to enjoy. But when are you going to get the chance to eat them if you are taking pictures during cocktail hour when appetizers are being passed? [Enter] your wedding coordinator here.


Pssst…….if you’re looking to hire a wedding coordinator, you are in the right spot! Head on over to my contact page to send me a message.

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