Before Monat. After blow drying, curling and straightening the top.

As a cheerleader in high school we wore curlers in our hair the night before competitions with gallons of hairspray and every.single.time I took them out it was inevitable I was ripping hair out with the curlers.

Also when I was in high school, I decided to experiment with sun-in on my naturally light brown hair. Worst decision of my life. My hair was completely fried from spraying bleach on it everyday and then making it worse using a blow dryer to make it even blonder. I cringe just thinking about it now.

Then I went and got my hair colored back to what I thought would be my natural color. It came out black because of how much I ruined my hair with sun-in. Yeah, you read that right. Black.

After going back to the salon to get the black lightened to more of a dark brunette, I grew my hair out completely so it was all back to natural (took multiple years). Then died it blonde again when I moved to Hilton Head for a summer after college and have been in love with the blonde ever since. So how do I keep my hair healthy now? Monat.

I started using only Monat products on my hair about 3 months ago and it has made the biggest difference to me. My hair is shinier, so much softer and noticeably healthier. I have always had a huge problem with frizz and since I have tried their blow out cream and smoothing shampoo/conditioner duo it doesn’t stand a chance!

Once you begin with Monat you will not want to mix in any of your old products because it will not let the products do their job. With their products you shampoo twice. The first wash will probably not lather as much as the second wash but that’s normal! The first wash with any kind of their shampoo will lift up residue from old products and the second wash will rinse them all out. Then you must always follow with one of their conditioners to close up the cuticle. Once I am out of the shower, I then use two pumps of the Restore Leave-In Conditioner. I let my hair air dry a little bit, then use a pea size amount of blow out cream and put it on the majority of my hair by running my fingers through all the hair. I have never in my entire life been able to blow dry my hair and walk out the door and I did exactly that after trying it for the first time. It was honestly shocking. And when I told my mom that I was able to blow dry then go to work, her mouth dropped, because she knows how puffy my hair can get! You can use this link to get more info on Monat, including more in-depth information on their individual products and systems.

I will be doing some further blog posts on this topic BUT,  here are 5 tips that will help your hair no matter what hair products you use.

1) Sleep on a silk pillowcase.

2) Use scrunchies instead of elastic hair ties. I just got these and I love that they actually hold my hair in place.

3) Use a wet brush or a wide tooth comb to comb out tangles after the shower, since they don’t pull and tug like a regular brush, they cause less damage. Hair is most easily damaged when wet.

4) Don’t shower everyday (your hair at least). If you can help it.

5) Brush your hair before you get in the shower to stimulate the scalp and get the blood flowing!

3 Months of using Monat. Air dried.

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