I’m not engaged but I wanted to share with you 5 things I’ve started to do to my own skin, since becoming obsessed with skincare about 5 months ago. I have seen such a difference in my skin in such a short time that I think these tips will have your skin glowing for the wedding day. I am not a dermatologist, so make sure you do your own research & know your own skin before you start with anything new! These are things that have worked for me but everyone’s skin is different.

  1. Micro-needling

This is something that usually people pay to get done at the spa because needles are involved. But, I do this treatment at home with a tool I bought from an online skincare boutique where the tiny needles were made specifically for safe at-home use. I run the tool over my face in every direction and then wash the tool after. Use this link to buy my exact tool!

Pro tip- run the tool over your lips, it boosts collagen and will make them plumper!

-Lets your skincare products absorb deeper into your skin, enhancing their true effects.

-Sends collagen to the skin making it more plump and firm, from the inside out.

-Stops wrinkles from forming.

  1. How you put on your eye cream is important!

I have the biggest eye bags so I will do anything to get rid of them. This is a preventative tip I learned when I was at a Kiehls store and have been using it ever since!

Tip: Put eye cream on the ends of your ring fingers (the weakest finger, apparently) and lightly tap the cream onto the skin. Do not rub eye creams on, pulling the skin, causing the skin to droop with time!

  1. Vitamin C

This is my favorite; I even got my mom the same vitamin C serum I use for Christmas since it’s so great for anti-aging. We have both loved the sun since we were young so sunspots are sadly becoming a thing for both of us. You don’t have to be older to use anti-aging products, keep your skin looking young forever!

-Protects your skin against aging by helping to produce collagen.

– Is an antioxidant, strengthening the skin.

– Targets to even out skin tone and sunspots.


  1. Microdermabrasion treatments

I got a PMD (personal microderm) for Christmas and have been obsessed with it since. Use this link to buy the exact PMD I use! It is a once-a-week at home treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin. Removing the dead skin that builds up is huge for your skin!

-Visibly brighter skin

-Skincare products penetrate into the skin better because they don’t have to pass through a barrier of dead skin! Intensifying the benefits of your products.

-Smooth skin

-Brings collagen to the skin with suction, making it more plump, firm and glowing.

  1. Ice Rolling

This is another tool I discovered from one of my favorite bloggers, Payton Sartain. She usually wakes up with a puffy face from allergies & so does my boyfriend so I thought it would be a great tool for him. And now I’m the one using it regularly, haha! Use this link to buy the exact one!

-Reduces pore size.

-Reduces inflammation. Anyone ever use cold spoons on your eyes to get rid of morning puffiness or the day-after-crying-face? That has always been my go to until I found this.

-Calming to Acne.

-Gets the blood flowing.

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